Charlottesville Community Church

This is staff member Amy Dodd's church.  Several student-athletes attend this church among several others in Charlottesville (see "Rides to Church" under "Get Involved").

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

AIA and FCA enjoy a partnering relationship at UVA.  George and Mabel Morris came to Charlottesville in 2010 to lead the FCA ministry, and George primarily serves with the UVA football and basketball teams.

Jefferson Park Baptist Church

Jefferson Park Baptist Church partners with AIA throughout the year in our outreach to the Southwood community.

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Staff members Kelly & Nancy Scott's church, Trinity was planted in large part to reach out to the University.   Several student-athletes attend this church, and Trinity members play a large role in AIA's outreach to the Charlottesville community (see "Serve in Cville" under "Get Involved.")