What we believe to be true about God is essential to our faith.  We want to know God as He is, not as He isn't!  But Christianity is ultimately not a set of abstract ideas about God or about the world.  Christianity is about being in a relationship with our Creator, having our lives filled and animated and directed by His love for us.  Like any relationship, a relationship with God can only deepen by spending time with Him.  By reading Scripture and taking time to prayerfully reflect on how it applies to our lives, we not only learn more about God, but God meets with us and we find our love for Him, and experience of Him, growing over time.  

BELOW is a growing body of devotionals from Scripture.  As of Summer 2018, devotionals from the Old Testament books of Genesis through Joshua and New Testament books of Acts through 2 Corinthians are provided.  Each day includes a brief overview of a passage and some questions for reflection, but the devotional is not intended to provide thorough background information or commentary.  Daily readings may be anywhere from a portion of a chapter to a few chapters, depending on the length of chapters and type of literature.  

This webpage is huge, so you may want to cut and paste the devotionals from the book you are reading into your own document for easy access!